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Empty Wheelchair

Torsås, Sweden Trance Psy-Trance

Empty Wheelchair is a Psychedelic Trance project from Torsås, southern Sweden and was created by Albin Appelqvist, focusing on the subgenre Full On. Born to a family of musicians within the Jazz and soul scene, Albin decided to walk a different path. At age 14, he decided to produce his own music. In the beginning, he was creating sample based Tech-Trance and Electronica, a year later he switched to Psytrance and found inspiration in the Psy-Trance scene and was immediately captured by the sounds. In 2010 he started to DJ at the local hangouts and lounges. In June 2011, his debut EP "The Countdown", was released. He became a resident DJ and later Live act at the Live Green Festival in sweden and has been there since 2011. Empty Wheelchair has collaborated with many artists within the electronic music scene. Among them are Psy-Conversion, E&T Project, Icon and have had tracks featured on compilations from DNA Records and Zombster Records. His more recent music is a combination of the classical melodic Psytrance sounds with influences from house music and movie soundtracks with a twist of atmospheric and uplifting trance. In december 2014, Empty Wheelchair's debut album Motherhood was Released.

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