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08358 Arenys de Munt, Spain Techno House Deep House Tech House

I began to make contact with the dishes the summer of 2003 when I did my first season in Ibiza. While there he worked in public relations for two specific parties: The "White Party" that took place on Friday night and after "Matinee" is held every Saturday morning.
Living in the beautiful island I had the opportunity to meet many people, one of them invited me one day to have a drink at home (Marc
Farran), once told me to be there:
- Look what I have! (It was a mixer and two CDs for DJing)
So I started doing some mixes to hang out, later giving me control my toys, there was my first contact with a team of DJ, a punishment session I scored with some cd's of Toni Verdi.
Previously I always had noticed the music much more than the rest of my acquaintances, but never thought of buying a computer and get down to work, this changed after my friend let me try his material.
After the summer and back in Barcelona, my first goal was to buy my first machines to begin with, so I bought two dishes Akiyama, a Gemini and a table top next to power the speakers. So I started practicing sometimes even to become an obsession (in a good way), spent hours at home, alone or with .. My colleagues came and stayed there for hours while I pricked.
At that time I worked in several private parties in local venues such as "Drugstore" Barcelona "and" SC Indeit "not feeling very comfortable with the work I decided profesionalizarme more attending a course at the academy" Plastic Barcelona "recommended by my dear girlfriend. Such a course marked a before and after in my history as a DJ since realized many issues for me were gaps. Thanks to this course I had my first job as a DJ at a company called "ArtStatus" where I began to make contact with the public by clicking on weddings and events of this type.
2 years later I bought another music production course and after much work and dedication got my first edit themes with different labels and abroad, is born at the moment when my nickname Emerik story with 10 productions currently available on Beatport and other digital stores .
After my long training as a DJ, I took my first steps in the Barcelona Open Air room. I gradually acquired more domain and wisdom club, I think the dj work not only involves putting disks well, if not to maintain a constant feeling all night with the public, using carefully selected topics and introduced at the time appropriate.
My path led me to pass by other local and OHM, LeGlass, In-Edit, Vendetta, Insomnis and of course, the great Amnesia Ibiza! Sharing a cabin with Jean Claude Ades, Paul Lomax, Jeancarles Ferrer, Trucker and a few others.
I understand the general music as a language that all mankind can interpret.

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