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EL Sam

Slovenia Tech House

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EL Sam DJ-ing producing, remixing for the last 17 years. From the beginning till today, he worked with some of the top international dj*s and toured the world playing in the best clubs and festivals.

His dj & production music style is a unique blend of dancefloor power tinged with a nice house. At the heart of it all is the signature of EL Sam sound: sexy house, tech-house, lush emotive music, haunting melodies and powerful vocals. In short, it’s banging, beautiful, happy house it's pure electronic journey. His fresh, ever-developing style ensures a regular fixture on the DJ circuit, where he have wowed djs and crowds all over the world.

EL Sam also owns production company called ‘’Spin House Production’’
Company is divided to two parts:
- Cassette Recordings (record label)
- Cassette Production (audio-video production)

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