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Belgium Electro House Progressive House

It was October 10th, 1989 when young Morrocan Soufian ElMars saw his first light of day. Born in Rabat And Raised In a Small City called Nador , ElMars developed an interest for music at a very young age. At the age of 13 he hit his first snare drum after joining a marching band and this is where it all kicked off for young ElMars. After saving up for a little while,Elmars obtained his first drum kit and started banging away at it like there was no tomorrow. For the next three years there was only one beat to be heard in the Soufian’s household, ElMars’s beat, practising the drums day and night.

It didn’t take long until he discovered his enthusiasm for synthesizers and drums, getting inspiration from artists such as Axwell , Daft Punk,Erick Morillo or Cassius. It is no surprise he followed suit, spending his pocket money on all the second-hand synths and drum machines he could find. Through his Holidays Of teenage years, ElMars spent his days DJing and editing his favourite tracks using small tape recorders and sampling what he could.

His tastes are quite eclectic, but he turned quickly to electronic music. At the age of 18 he decided to buy his own turntables, learned to mix self-taught and draws its groove in the landscape of the New Generation DJ’s .No one was unaware that one day he would be asked by the most exclusive and Hipped clubs.
In 2011, he will attend the Global Gathring in Kiev, where he will give us an explosive set!
His career has been in his image, a nebula that fires wherever she goes!
So stay tuned, watch out, there is plenty more to come…

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