Key Commands

Eliot Han

Los Angeles, CA, USA Techno Minimal

# F O F N // T E C H N O // M N M L

Eliot Han always had an urge to find and share new music. Residing in Los Angeles, he was surrounded by many different styles of music. The underground scene lured his interest towards electronic music. Watching his favorite underground artists succeed, it has inspired him to become a DJ and share what makes him move. His influences such Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, and Droid Behavior steered him to spin a collection of techno and minimal music.

In 2006, Eliot began mixing records to experiment and express his passion for techno. After several years of schooling and working, he saved up to purchase new equipment to begin his journey as a DJ. By mixing up to four tracks at once, he creates mixes known to have deep rhythms and with mind-bending transitions. These mixes take his listeners through an exciting journey of techno music. He has opened for heavy hitters Kevin Saunderson, Silky, Daegon and more. Always setting the vibe for good times, Eliot can be heard at venues in and around Los Angeles, he will make you get down and groove.

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