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Eliot Han

Los Angeles, CA, USA Techno Minimal / Deep Tech

T E C H N O // 2 0 1 7

Los Angeles native, Eliot Han was introduced to electronic music in the early 2000's. After attending his first underground event, Eliot was hooked on electronic music and the energy it creates. His thirst to harness and share that same energy lured him to DJ.

In 2006, he saved up to purchase equipment and began his journey as a DJ. After several years of working and crafting his technique, he gained a new perception on mixing music. This new perception allowed him to perform intricate mixes by blending songs of multiple genres into one solid set. When performing, he exposes his audience to the sounds of Acid, House, Minimal, and multiple forms Techno.

As a very active member of the community, Eliot is no stranger to the underground scene. Eliot can be seen in and around Los Angeles as well as over the globe. For the most up to date information on upcoming events, check out

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