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City of Brussels, Belgium Techno Minimal / Deep Tech DJ Tools

Egocent - a platform for stripped down, straight forward techno, evolving into sometimes deep, experimental forms...

Egocent will be my new alias, my alter-ego, a platform, through out which I'll be able to express my views about the techno upon the world. A way , to express also my feelings with music.

Both DJ sets and Live Acts are to be expected in the near future. But for now on - pure music!

I am a former member of Cybertech - a Brussels based former DJ/Producer duo me and my colleague Todor Hristov used to form. Cybertech was a project that covered a variety of musical genres, and while it had its success, as the years were passing by, we started to evole into different genres, and each one of us had to take a new path - mine resulting into "Egocent".

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