Key Commands

Edvard Viber

Trance Progressive House Deep House +4

Electrical and mechanical engineer by craft, DJ by vocation. My interests in music encompass everything electronic. You will find me by the turntables, traveling, or in my studios creating sounds.


Ed has collaborated with A-list names both nationally and abroad, and his sounds have been aired on national mainstream radio networks and gained Top 20 chart positions and awards.

Edvard Viber is so driven I will be surprised if he doesn't blast onto the scene with his new tracks
Mark Pledger

Im sure you are going to see a lot more from Edvard Viber in the future
Mike Koglin

It is always blast to work with Edvard Viber: his enthusiasm and energy is so infectious, he really drives the projects and gets the best out of my vocal performances
Andy Mitchell

It is a pleasure to be working with Ed Viber, it is great to meet a producer that is so open to listening to and trying out new ideas, however obscure or random they might be. He is one of those rare people that you come across in life, that emits so much energy and positivity, that it sets up a fantastic creative atmosphere... I look to what the future holds with our collaboration... C'mon! see you soon... for more music days!
Bianca Glynn

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