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Eddie Mess

Budapest, Hungary House Progressive House Tech House +2

Oscar Kiss ‘aka’ EDDIE MESS, was born in 1986 in Hungary.
He was always around the music.Since 2004 he started to make his own music. Within one year he made his first song called ‘The Crazy Dance Anthem’, which has been a top hit at the local clubs. After a little while EDDIE came up whit some new great remixes.
In the mean time EDDIE has been Playing at the club called, Crystal Castle.Since 2004 Eddie has been invited for festivals and well known clubs in Hungary and he started to bring a new vibe into the Dance floors whit his own track’s.
Recently EDDIE has made one of his best tracks called ‘Fire in my soul’. This track has blown the clubs and he started to work with other upcoming Dj’s and Producers all around the world.
Since then, he made a lot of music and remixes, which gave him a lot of respect and very good critics around the world.

Eddie currently working together with Dän von Schulz who is a really big DJ icon in Hungary, and he participates in a big international Project as well .

E-Starr is the female singer of the legendary 80’s Group "Ottawan" with Hits like: Hands Up, D.i.S.C.O., Crazy Music, Shalala Song and You’re Ok!
Together with Eddie Mess, who remixed Hands Up & D.I.S.C.O. into Groovy, exciting House/Dance tracks we believe it’s time to take the songs to the next level.

A new name occurred, "E-Starr feat. Eddie Mess", with Eddie Mess & E-Starr on stage and ready to concur the world one more time!

Beside that projects Eddie working together with many more legendary and great DJs, Producers, Bands.

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