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dj E.T.

Budapest, Hungary Psy-Trance

'New Star has born.' - by Anonymous, during E.T.'s first DJ set, 2000.

The name of E.T., or Ertner Tamás, is synonymous with quality electronic music. He has represented the progressive sound in the classical sense for one and a half decades now: with his forward-looking DJ sets, he shapes the tastes of the public at the country’s most significant musical events or psychedelic trance and other musical forms, as he entertains, and makes the people dance – drawing the audience into a flawless esthetic experience.

It all began in 1997... No, this is not an alien abduction story, but you could almost say that: E.T.’s soul was kidnapped by electronic music immediately after his first goa party, and it hasn’t escaped since. After two years of diligent “data collection,” the realization hit him like a bolt of lightning that he wanted not only to enjoy sonic ecstasy while standing on the dance floor, but to express his own thoughts and feelings in this great international language and share them with the people, spreading happiness all the way. His resolution was followed by a year of hard preparation, and then by his debut behind the turntables – at that time of course beside a bag brimming with enchanting black vinyl. A nationally famous team of organizers took him under their wing, later giving him the opportunity to introduce himself before the audience. It quickly turned out that he was just born to create this kind of music, and thus he was included as a permanent member of the team. At that time trance was in its heyday, which E.T. truly did love to play entrancingly until he became fixated on the Swedish progressive wave. It was at about this time that the DJ console made the switch from vinyl to CDs.

His first mix disc came out in 2001, and in that very same year he became one of the most sought-after domestic DJs in his style. But he didn’t stop there. The desire to give more inspired him to further acts of entrepreneurship, and thus he organized countless parties on his own between 2001 and 2004.

He also brought together two extraordinarily successful happenings in 2005, and later, in 2006, he joined up with the Tranceport to work with such illustrious artists as GMS, Wizzy Noise, X-Noise, Paul Taylor, etc. The next few years saw a whole series of sensational parties and performances. Then, in 2009, he found a place in Hungary’s largest psy-party group, Y-Production.

During the course of 2010, he ascended another important step on the ladder when, taking advantage of technical progress, he handed in his CD players in exchange for a MacBook, Traktor and controller. Almost as a direct result, his style also took a giant leap forward on the path of musical evolution: arriving in the world of progressive psy-trance, his sets held dance room audiences enraptured with even more power. The brilliant change brought about several further advantageous career moves, as well: he was invited to the avatar project, already the venue for such quest stars as Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Gaudium, Atmos, M.W.N.N., Vibrasphere and many, many more. During all of this, E.T. regularly performed at the internationally famous O.Z.O.R.A. Festival as well, which is organized every year, and mesmerized audiences more than once from the main stage itself.

New longings and interests have forever led him onward, and have spurred him on to further musical development, and nowadays he is working full tilt as a producer and composer in the studio to show the world his creations of fabulous notes and robust rhythms.

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