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Istanbul, Turkey Dubstep Drum & Bass Reggae / Dancehall / Dub +14

Hi people I'm a 15 years old producer named E-Dype. My real name is Edip Ozan Sevindir. Yes, I know I'm younger than all those talented producers but no one was born as a electronic music talent. I love electronic music and I'm pretty sure it loves me as well.

Until this year I was just a collector and I was just trying to make people reach the wonderful musics that I loved. Bu this year, I wanted to make those wonderful musics my self so that I could make you listen my own ones.

My favorite genre is dubstep but actually I like all the genres. I know I have lots of deficient stuff now but I want to close the gaps. I'm just getting started, I have years to imrpove. :))

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