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Dylan Kline

Phoenix, AZ, USA Hardcore / Hard Techno Dubstep Drum & Bass +5

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Here's a link to my mix for Julian Bell's EDM Republic:
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Just a local DJ from Phoenix, Arizona. Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona.

Self taught in sophomore year of high school (2009) and have been always been very involved in music.

Need a DJ for a University of Arizona party? feel free to contact me
I have a vast library of music and yes, I can do pop music.
Won't ask for any money.

Apple Macbook Pro (2012)
Traktor Kontrol S2
Traktor Pro 2.5
Samsung Audio
Pioneer Audio
Beats by Dre Audio

Accompanied by:
Jordan Tarr
Josh Minzer
(Trio known as D(J)2 (dj squared))

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