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Dub Kay

Athens, Greece Electro House Progressive House House

Producer, Re-mixer, Songwriter and DJ, Dub Kay, has slowly but surely been brewing over the last 5 years. He has released records on labels such as Vinyl Pusher, Generation, Freakshow Disco, Club Star, Suckmusic, TEKZENMUSIC INC and has played at some of Melbourne's (AUS) most respected venues. His featured release "Let it Go ft Angie L" made an impression across Europe and America, being played by various radio stations and blog'd across the internet. 2012 was a productive year for Dub Kay, with 5 new records, a major remix release for Grammy Award winning producer, Chris 'Tek' O'Ryan, a Novanation guest spot plus a Europe tour which resulted in many collaborations and 7 new records ready for summer.
2013 started off with a BANG with new production flowing out of the Dub Kay Studios, new collaborations, another cheeky remix for Freakshow Disco and the re-launch of Vinyl Pusher Records which has already signed six new Dub Kay tunes! Surely enough, Europe was calling yet again and in June, Dub Kay decided to make the move permanently. Now based in Athens, Greece, Dub Kay is dedicated to making a solid name for himself, working on new styles and concepts, collaborating with local and international artists, building a new studio while learning more about the art of music.

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