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DST (a.k.a. DubSTA)

Glitch Hop Dubstep

DST (sometimes as DubSTa on forums)

I'm dj and producer and I live in Hungary. I'm one of the early pioneers of dubstep outside UK.

Dj & producer but music is all about the BASSLINE for me...

-dubstep, breakstep, grime, filthstep, drumstep, glitchy breaks, electrobreaks, glitch-hop, detroit electro, electro-house, moombahcore...
-one of the dj's playing DUBSTEP ONLY SETS when it was brand new and unknown in Hungary
-Dub Phase (event) - co-founder, former resident dj
-Otherside (event) - resident dj
-Celofán Kollektíva Nights (event) - resident dj
-Radio Tilos (Dawn Tempo) - FM radio sesson
-Radio Torespont (Shooby-Dubby) - internet radio session
-FIRST HUNGARIAN dubstep release (Digital Distortions)
-FIRST HUNGARIAN dubstep vinyl release (Crater)
-FIRST HUNGARIAN only-dubstep website (
-release on legendary Chi Recordings (glitchy breaks)
-releases on Subgrade Records (glitchy breaks)
-release on Bitlab (glitchy breaks)
-releases on Digital Distortions (glitchy breaks, dubstep)
-former blogger about dubstep (
... just to mention some of my activities I did in my life with success and what I'm proud for!

Note: the name has nothing to do with the dubstep, it comes from different way from earlier thingz...

I started to collect early dark-2step vinyls in 2003. From January 2004 to 2009 I played in the weekly radio session "Dawn Tempo" on Radio Tilos where I played in the first times breaks, electro-breaks and glitchy stuff (glitchy IDM, glitch-hop, glitch-breaks) but from 2005 I played even more and more dubstep (including some grime and breakstep but dubstep was the dominant genre). From 2006 I sectioned my sets into only dubstep sets (the glitchy sets became only monthly or less) because I felt dubstep is the sound of the future.

I had a 6 tracker EP on Digital Distortions released in February 2006 that was digital release (Suburban beats AM 11 EP)
My first vinyl release came out on the dubstep label Crater Records on a 4 tracker EP (Suburbanite EP).

In February 2006 I started with some other dj's the "Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Session" on WebRadio Torespont, it was all about dubstep.
In summer 2006 I set up the first hungarian only-dubstep clubnight of Budapest (Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Night and Dub Phase) with some friends and started to bring so much as possible great djs and producers for the the hungarian crowd (Youngsta, Distance, Headhunter, Dj Hatcha, Dj Chef, The Others, TesLaRok, Caspa and many more...). I was resident dj 2006-2010, I'm proud I was there, I made it with love and passion. For private life changes it's over...

In the last years I played in many festivals and parties pushing forward the dubstep in Hungary, people says my radio-shows and activity played a big role in spreading dubstep in Hungary. I can say I did my best and I can say if you will hear me playing at party you'll feel the energy of music. Now I'm spreading the filthstep sound on parties everywhere I play.

Since 2010 I'm proud to be member of the FIRST HUNGARIAN FILTHSTEP EVENT called OTHERSIDE presenting the power of the genre with Cookie Monsta, Bar9, Jakes, Borgore, Flux Pavilion and many more!

In 2011 I started to play bassline oriented music again on Radio Tilos in Dawn Tempo.

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