Key Commands


United Kingdom

Originally from the outskirts of London I now resides in Melbourne Australia. I love drums. I love bass. I love the energy and how a tune can be funky yet revolting at the same time (that's the best type by the way - a la Stakka & Skynet, Black Sun Empire). I love the high production standards, and how it has a reputation for being "gangsta"

Former rave promoter at one stage Drone was running a
monthly rave featuring a whole mish-mash of styles but particularly pushing the sounds of Hardcore Breaks. We did it for the love of raving - but then we remembered its much easier and less stressful to attend other people's raves.

Now a Drum & Bass Producer Drone has produced a whole range of styles but has releases signed to Bass Command Records. Expect lots to come from this current D&B producer. Big things indeed!!

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