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Doctor Franz - New MMHR

Italy Psy-Trance Electronica / Downtempo Trance Chill Out

Doctor Franz is a DJ - GOA style, (my first GOA party as DJ was in Goa, season 1988/89, in Vagator's Discovalley with tapes...I played in a dozen parties between 1988 to 1991 and betwwen GOA and Manali, HImachal Pradesh, INDIA, Himalaya 2700 m) mixing strictly starting with Vinyls, then Tapes, then DAT tapes and now CDs ...not one IOTA in favour of tricks like tracktor or other sync sofwares, as the skill of a dj is blending a track with the other, and letting it go...without ego-boosting tricks...just "Dee Jay" or Disc Jockey....if you want to use a computer and not even using heaphones to do that, you should be called FILE JOCKEYS (FJ) and / or MUSIC SELECTOR (MS) Line Ups will be:

LIVE SET (Even though many lives are

LIVE DJ SET (is when you mix tracks, there and then)

FJ SET or MJ SET (EF JAY :-) or pre-recorded and synchronized music selection, or MJ; music selectors)

I'm old school, of the class of 67. Can't accept DJs that use an iPhone to do its 45 minute a matter of fact, there are far too many DJs...wen one thing becomes so easy..every John Doe can do it...once the search for tracks were true travels across europe...for us europeans...You went into small vinyl stores and spent whole days coming out with 6 or 7 tracks for yer with internet advent...well, it's so damn easy...legally or illegally...."FILE JOCKEYS" (FJ) play even at pirated mp3 at 128 my case...

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