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Rhode Island, USA Dubstep Glitch Hop Electro House

I'm a 22 year old EDM producer/artist based out of Rhode Island. I've been working with electronic music for almost 2 years now and I'm always trying to do new things. I started playing guitar almost a decade ago and I've gotten the hang of most rock instruments but when i was first introduced to dubstep and drum and bass in 2010, I began to take an interest in the EDM genres and thought it was time I tried making some of my own. Now 2 years later, as Dresm, I've composed over 100 electronic songs with countless originals as well as remixes of artists such a Rick Ross, Foster The People, Rihanna, and more, along with remixes of various movies and tv shows. I continue to learn more about the ever changing genres within EDM and hope to share my music with anyone who can take something positive from it

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