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Orange, CA, USA Dubstep Electro House Progressive House

Dreadhauk has entered the EDM world with his wings wide open. Soaring from Orange County, CA. He is taking Sothern California by storm as an up and coming EDM producer. Dreadhauk (Josh Lindley) was born in Laguna Beach California and raised in Dana Point. Introduced at a young age to music by his parents. He began playing guitar and piano. By the age of 17 he joined a Folk Acoustic Band, (The Late Morning Risers) where he wrote songs and played at various locations throughout Orange County, Including Chain Reaction. Interested in recording original songs. He began using Garage Band to start recording music. By the age of 20 his interest in producing increased. By the age of 21 he began to record singles with Producer Darren Baker (Superpower), who produced the Platinum Record with Three Six Mafia “Lolli Lolli”. After recording his new single “Wom Bom Bom”. Darin & Josh traveled to perform in New York for a charity to support the troops at war. Shortly after, Dreadhauk continued on and started a new rap group with his close friends (Faded Mind Creations). Producing all of their eight singles. They toured around Los Angeles and Orange County. By the age of 22 he had finally been introduced to the EDM world. Meeting friends and promoters from the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, He began his journey into producing EDM. Dedicated and motivated to increase his producing skills. He started introducing himself to many promoters in Orange County. Within a year of beginning to produce electronic music, he began to become a Local Orange County favorite. After entering and winning a DJ competition with his first single “Le Giraffe”, He played his first show at Shark Club in Costa Mesa. Attracting lots of attention with his high-energy sets, Dreadhauk started to perform at various clubs such as Sutra, Heat Nightclub and X Nightclub. Meeting many promoters and DJ’s such as Scott Staley and DJ Tempo along the way, he entered his single “Focus” for the Orange County’s Ultimate DJ Competition at Yost Theater. Reaching the Top 3 DJ’s in Orange County along with M.A.D.E. and Monofeed, He Debuted at Yost Theater for the first time by the age of 23. As well as collaborating with several artists such as (Tomas Marc, DRTYWRKZ and DJ Tempo. He began to expand his energy and producing techniques, bringing large energy and huge vibes to the dance floor with this progressive house music. Recently Headlining Yost Theater debuting his huge original collaboration with DJ Tempo “Music Box”. Dreadhauk has continued to create lots of attention with his original music and epic performances!

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