Key Commands

DJ Dougal Fox

London, UK Progressive House Techno Trance

"I use the music to help people remove their ego’s, not massage my own"
Like so many of today’s DJ elite, Dougal fell into a career behind the decks. A quick mix on a friends turntables in the summer of 2005 and he discovered an innate ability to piece together records into one musical soundscape. After honing his technique playing at a few parties in the UK he decided to travel to Holland and go see Armin Van Buuren @ Sensation White. This gave Dougal an overwhelming love for Trance music.

"With DJ’ing I got instant feedback and therefore tailored my artform to get the right response from the crowd. I realised I could use my creative skills in a positive way, to uplift people."

Dougal has travelled to the southern hemisphere and played in some of the top night clubs, Australia and New Zealand have to offer. These include playing at Sydney's finest nightclub `HOME`, And held a Residency spot at Wellingtons `SANDWICHES` club. Dougal also runs a monthly podcast called `The Progression Series` which showcases his stamp on the trance and progressive circuit. You can keep up to date with Dougal through his website

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