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Double D & Boywonder

Drum & Bass Dubstep Progressive House +3

This ultra talented duo, otherwise known as Nic Dale (Double D) and Robin Maichner (Boy Wonder) started life as friends with a mutual love of dance music and each with a profile as dj’s in their own right.

Nic started out producing House, hip hop beats and breaks, while Robin mainly concentrated on promoting various successful nights at well known London venues and also presenting his long standing radio show.

Their mutual passion for the same music brought them together in the dj booth which then swiftly lead to collaboration in the studio. They started off re-editing a number of high profile tracks, purely as material to impress their ever-growing party crowds. Through these early productions, they gained fans and confidence to push their skills further and led to the decision to concentrate on getting serious in the studio, while cutting back on the promotions and djing.

This approach has paid off; their exceptional workrate and talent has led to the duo being granted a number of high profile remixes in their short career together, most notably for artists like Nabiha, on her track ‘Trouble’, Fallulah, on ‘I Lay My Head’ and Matilde Kuhl on her single ‘Kun I Nat’.

Double D & Boy Wonder have the ability to turn their hand to any style they wish to, whether Dubstep, House, or downtempo. Their talent enables them to take tracks that would be challenging for anyone to remix and create something that not only oozes cool vibes, but is also very much the sound of now.

Their debut 4 track EP is soon to be released on Pitt Buhl Recordings. It is a collection of tracks showcasing their unique skill for production and musicality. Their experience with reading the crowd and knowing what works on the dance floor is infused in each track and ensures that this ep will surely be essential listening.

2012 is looking like its going to be a big year for the duo, with further high profile remixes and original works in the pipeline.

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