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Berlin, Germany Techno Deep House Tech House House +3

DOMINIK Berlin are a Berlin based musican/DJ/remixer who play DJ sets and work for different musicans/bands as sound engineer and for the German radio station MDR Sputnik.

DOMINIK was born in 1968. Grow up with traditional family music than came in contact with electronic music.
First influences Kraftwerk, Yello, Depeche Mode - Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, OMD, Human League followed.
With 14 years first DJ set at a school party. Since 1988 work as a professional DJ in different clubs in Berlin. At this time first connections to Berlins young techno scene... and the first Loveparade and Mayday.
After 12 years of playing as a professional DJ DOMINIK Berlin take a break.
Now DOMINIK Berlin started his music career again with working for some artists/band as sound engineer. During this time he still played some DJ sets and create remixes for different artists and worked for the German radio station MDR Sputnik...

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