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Brooklyn, NY, USA Tech House Techno House Deep House +2

DNA Sound
Just as a complicated strand of nucleotides make up the double helix model of our genes, DNA Sound, is also the double-strand intertwining music and harmony in today’s hottest up ‘n’ coming DJ’s. The two artists “Denis” ‘N’ “Andy” formulate music through combining different sounds in an anti-parallel structure sure to rev up your veins and send vibrations from your soles. DNA offers eclectic fresh beats from all decades, house, hip-hop, electro; you name it, they’ve mixed it.
Brooklyn roots with some city street swagger, their four deck mixes have left people sweating on the dance floor all over New York City. Denis and Andy, just have a natural flow and gift for music. Denis
began as an artist with talent in pretty much all fields from tattoo artist to graphic designer to photographer. After mastering these feats, music became another artistic outlet for expression and a way for him to share his love for art with a crowd.

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