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Los Angeles, CA, USA Progressive House House Tech House +10

Dakø†a is a new age producer with a lot of attitude bringing a whole new sound to the EDM Movement using big bad four to the floor beats and baselines that wobble more than a white trash girl who hates her parents, Dakø†a infuses all types of EDM into his tracks bringing you the power of Electronic Dance Music. *As of now he's working on his first album with no thoughts on name or a release date but he does know it's "Going to be all about the dancing!" From progressive trance to dirty dub-step and everything in between, check this guy out!

Born in 1989 Robert Dakota Gottenbos was raised with a nomadic home life. Settling down in a suburb of Los Angeles Dakota soon got his first job at a local NEWS station where he assets the main sound engineer. Within months of getting the job he was promoted to running what he called "the million dollar soundboard"(a 150 channel standard production room mixer) for most major productions.

Years after Dakota was off the job testing the waters in other fields. Dakota was soon found to be diagnosed with O.C.D. otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder. Later down the road Dakota inadvertently discovered something had actually helped the symptoms of his condition. He had picked up a new program called Virtual Dj. " I picked it up because I was still searching for something I could do to give my life more purpose and when I though about manipulating music all my worries went away, I always thought about what I would do if I had the reigns"said Dakota. Taking this program and a new midi controller home could have been the best thing for him to have done.

Dakota spent all day and all night on the program mixing tracks and sounds. Everyone he knew was talking about EDM (ELECTRIC DANCE MUSIC) Dakota started pulling Dance tracks and mixing them together, eventually coming up with some pretty advanced mixes for his friends. Branching out and looking for other music based outlets he found Reason v.3 a world renowned music production software. He soon took to it and started making his own songs, very primitive and experimental. Dakota had made a song and at work one day decided to show one of his regular clients. The reaction was good so good intact( this client unknowing to Dakota was apart of the music industry) they that night dropped off a home studio set-up at his house. That person said "Everything is you need to make music your way is here". " I had no idea what kind of Pandora's Box had been left for me, I knew that it would be hard to accomplish what i wanted to accomplish but I knew that person was right and I knew I wanted to do things my way" Dakota Says five years later.

Now it is five years later and Dakota wants to let out everything he has been working for. He has made reliable connections with exclusive studios and the people who fill their seats. Dakota has put his focus on creating great original tracks/ remixes/ sets / and he uses these connections to get the job done. He says " A lot of my friends and the people I work with on my tracks say that my original stuff does not sound like a specific genre, or people tell me my songs need to stick to one genre. I personally just hear the beauty of an electronic symphony. I tell them I'm always trying to find my place, and that it is alright to be undefined.". As of now he's working on his first album with no thoughts on name or a release date.

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