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Drum & Bass Tech House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +9



Zan has played for over 20,000 dedicated partygoers, clubbers and ravers at all of the top-rated night clubs throughout the Southeast. Zan continues to entertain the masses with his unique, aggressive and on-point style of mixing, sampling, tricks and mashups. He can keep a crowd going by spining a mixture of genres such as Dubstep, Drumstep, Electro House, Trance, Breaks and some Drum & Bass.
Zan began his djing career at the turn of the 21st century, after moving to the U.S. from one of the most populated and musically diverse locations on Earth, Mexico City, MX, his hometown. The eleven years he lived in the U.S. gave him an incredible amount of experience in the business. He, as well as countless other Djs, help enhance the music scenes in all of the Southeast's primary cities-Atlanta, Nashville, Daytona and Birmingham; Zan predominantly resides in Atlanta, GA.
Zan's energy to hype a crowd is as dynamic as the crowd itself. His musical style always focuses on the motto "evolve from and transcend to what's new." He shows his dynamic energy and evolving style of music by capturing the masses by surprise with his hard, headbanging drops and addictive basslines.
Zan has shared the stage with many mind-blowing DJ's such as Charles Feelgood, Jen Lasher, Dj Trashy, DJ X, Micro, Ronski Speed, DB, Dara, Spacemen, Terravita, 16 Bit, Dj Hype, Freakyflow and Mc Flipside, Trip Theory, Evol Intent, Trillbass, Hive, Faust and Shortee, Omar Santana, , Rick West, Nasty Nasty, HeroesXvillians, Autobots, Total Recall , Captain Panic! and DJ X-RAY.
In 2010 Zan placed first at the "Billionaire Bass Brawl," a Dubstep competition. Over the last couple of years, Zan has put his name on the map as one of the top contenders in Atlanta's music scene. He pushes his unique style of DJing through self promotion and booking at the top Atlanta night clubs.
He supports and promotes not only his DJ career, but also the music careers of every DJ in the music industry, large and small. Zan and Hipnotikk, also an up-and-coming Atlanta DJ who focuses his musical endeavors in Thugstep, host Dubstylz, showcasing a different guest DJ each week.
Zan is the resident DJ at the Quad, one of the most popular dance clubs in Atlanta. Zan is also a resident DJ and promoter of Atlanta Bass Wars, a Bass Music promotion company founded by Quad Control who is a well-known bass music DJ, producer and promoter who has a large following not only in Atlanta, but also in Minnesota.
Zan is a fierce competitor in the dance music scene and his success and rising status will exponentially grow throughout 2012. By achieving this growth in the past, Zan demonstrates his unique and unorthodox performances through the captivation of all his dedicated and highly supportive listeners and friends.

May 25th @ QUAD
June 1st @ QUAD
June 8th @ QUAD
June 22nd @ QUAD
June 23rd @ QUAD
June 29th @ QUAD
July 13 @ TBA
August 24th @ QUAD
September 15th @ QUAD

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