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DJ Ultimate Bass

Rennes, France Trance

Ultimate Bass began playing the violin at an early age, and won first prize of the city of Paris. His mastery of this instrument plays a very important role today in the choice of his melodies and compositions. As a teenager, he listens precursors of electronic music artists, including Jean Michel Jarre, which led him to compose Trance.

His meeting with Jean Marie Kone, artistic director, DJ, producer, remixer, is striking for its advice. Ultimate Bass performs very Successful tracks (Classica, Twister). So he signed with international foreign labels. His career Dj / Producer takes off in 2013 with the success of the track Classica Ranked # 1 of Audiojelly, Djshop, ranked No. 2 on Junodownload, ranked No. 26 on the Beatport Trance releases Top 100. This track will be played by Many Dj's.

In parallel he created his own World of Trance Podcast Session-Mix, a mix of a very popular time. Then succeeded, in April 2014 a new collaboration on the remix of the title Let Me Know Audrey Valorzi, vocalist DJ David Vendetta and supported by Laurent Wolf in May and the release of his first album Twister.

In June 2014, Ultimate Bass turns to the mainstream music under the moniker Nick'O with various influential projects clubbing, Ultimate Bass to aim to share his musical style as many, and collaborate with artists diverse backgrounds. So in May 2015, he collaborates Feat. Lucie Azard on the crowd of Nrj Extravadance.

Among his musical influences include include Armin Van Buuren and Tiësto.

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