Key Commands


Hardcore / Hard Techno Progressive House +8

Elwin M. Garrido aka Dj Tribal born 01/16/1981 Latino (Guatemalan) & raised in Downtown L.A., Been mixing since the "96", but started learning when he was in 13 yrs old in junior high school @ school. He was inspired with djs and music as a kid. When he used to go parties when he was just a kid, instead of playing around with the other kids, he would just always for the most part just stand on a chair next to the dj that was playing the music at the party. Surely enough as he grew older and got in to junior high school, thats where dj tribal learned how to be a dj at the school lunches. Then got into high school where he met a close friend by the name of Carlos aka Dj Carlos69. Then they found out they where neighbors although dj tribal would always practice at his pad .Now dj tribal does video mixing also he has his own personal edits.

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