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dj tillman

Florida, USA Deep House Tech House Techno Electro House +3

**really good music is personal**

dj tillman has had the opportunity to travel the world and meet many interesting and unique people. All with different beliefs, lifestyles and cultures. With that said, there is one thing that almost everyone of them can agree on, life is to short to listen to shitty music. dj tillman always knew he wanted more from his music. Don’t get it wrong, DJT enjoys all types of music, but he has a weakness for house. So when he decided to get serious about sharing his love of house music, he researched his needs in order to put out high quality mixes. dj tillman loves how technology allows for him to really concentrate on finding, as well as mixing, unique music. You know you are passionate about something when you spend all your free time perfecting the line up for an up and coming mix. It seems like yesterday when dj tillman first played to an unsuspecting crowd. Booze cruise out of Boston Harbor. Rumor has it, the event was crazy sick and a learning experience DJT will never forget. It’s nothing like people coming to a party for house and noshing it up with no request, just along for the ride and the love. From that moment on, he was hooked. Honestly, I believe DJT just wants you to enjoy each and every track the way he enjoys them. It really is about the music. As a matter of fact, dj tillman started recording mixes for himself and his close friends to enjoy in between the headliners that would visit their small part of the globe. As word got out and more people wanted to listen to his work, DJT felt like his mixes should be shared not only with his small circle of friends, but the galaxy. With that being said if you like his mixes please share with your friends, associates, aliens and loved ones. dj tillman plays house. Some of his influences are John Digweed, Sasha, Pig and Dan, Paulo Mojo, Deadmau5 and Hernan Cattaneo. DJT is available for your event.

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