Key Commands

Tiago Dias

Progressive House House Electronica / Downtempo

Tiago Dias, now 23 years since the 17's dj. Younger age and a lot of guts are some of the values ​​of this young dj who began to make his debut in the cabin of the Oceansbar in Coimbra in 2006. Eventually continue this art though, always looking to acquirenew knowledge and broaden horizons. Nights only available in conjunction with goodharmony and musical performances are part of their houses wherever it went. Capable of covering styles from deep to progressive house through the trade, and even funky tech-house, watching the news while also referencing some unforgettable hits. Having already shared cabins with names of national and international referenceas: Paul G. Dj Luis Leite, Xl Garcia, Diogo Menasso, Eurico Lisboa, Mello Rich , Alex Xs, among some others, we can always expect commitment and dedication of this young dj both within and outside cabins with the consequence moments wherever he goes.

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