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Los Angeles, CA, USA Progressive House

Benji Stawski is a student by day; DJ/Producer by night. Born in Chicago, IL, raised in Frankfurt, Germany, and currently based out of Los Angeles, CA, Stawski fluently speaks 5 languages. Stawski electrifies dance floors, and creates an energetic atmosphere, one has to experience to believe. Once his music has reached the ears of fans and bloggers alike, Stawski started gaining recognition by well known sites such as ThisSongSlaps and Earmilk and by music magazines such as TILT Mag. Initially recognized for his signature bootlegs/mashups, Stawski now begins a new chapter of his career. His fan base gained through mashups anxiously await his debut single, “Take Me Away.” He has previously collaborated with well known artists from around the world, including Turtl3 and the TOP 100 DJs, "DJ's From Mars.” With the support of fans from around the world, Stawski's mix Bounce House 8 was voted #1 in a contest to play the opening set at the 2013 world renown Escapade Music Festival. In summer 2014, Stawski performed a sold out show at the DJ Mag #40 club, Avalon Hollywood, with over 1,500 attendees. From what initially just started as a hobby, Stawski approaches the transition to original production with both an appreciation for how far he has come as well as an anticipation for the auspicious future that awaits him.

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