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Stacey Ellul

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Stacey Ellul aka Dj Stacey, born on 14th February 1999 in Gibraltar. At a very young age Stacey was immediately attracted to all kinds of electronic music and by the age of 4 in 2003 was already starting to make her own music using an old computer and an old program called E-Jay which cought the attention of her then school music teachers who recognise her as a young talented girl.

By 2008 only aged 9 is where she decided to start to mess about with turntables but nothing serious came out of that until she then found out she could mix using simple programs like virtual dj. From there she has gone to using technics 1210 turntables ,cdjs and traktor. Her home and current set up consists of Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer, 2xNative Instruments F1 (with traktor remix), mac book pro , Maschine, Abelton Live and Pioneer HDJ 1000 headphones. She is also now messing about with a Pioneer DDJ -T1 apart of her Pioneer CDJs and technics 1210s which she still uses and loves to use.

At this tender age she has already published quite a few successful mixes some of which have been featured in some online radio shows such as on (Sirens Odyssey) , (musikart Experience with Andy Spinelli online and FM Radio), ForcedundergroundFM, (argentina with Jonatan Cancino), Philinights Radio (Philadelphia USA) to name a few, and other podcasts and online radio shows, as well as in some of the local radio channels for whom she has also done live studio sets.She has also now become part of Maxmusix radio team and has her very own online radio programme called HEAT every Tuesday evening on

She has remixed and published her own bootlegs "The secret Underground" and "Bullet One"(using programs such as ableton and acid pro and audacity). They are currently been played by a few Djs in Gibraltar and Spain.She has just released her first tune "African Beats" a very tribal tune with an oriental flair to it, though her real first record deal comes now with her own remix of a tune by Marcel Ei Gio "Francesca" which has just been released (13th June 2011)on Lad Records label. As a remixer she has remixed tunes for artists such as Marcel Ei Gio, Balex F (Lad records)and Joan Garcia(Peanut Musik) and currently working on some major remixes for important labels and artists. As an artist she finally is releasing her own production "Extatic Trip" on Lad Records with more soon to come on other labels as well.

Her journey as a Dj started with her playing soulful vocal house in a few small parties in some of the youth clubs in her hometown but has since been defining and experimenting the darker and more underground side of house and techno with her unique sounds, thundering and pumping Techno , Tech-House and rolling tribal beats.Her big break came in summer of 2010 then only aged 11 when she played for a crowd of 3000 at the biggest and most exclusive club in Southern Spain, Dreamers (Marbella Puerto Banus Spain) where she has since become a regular guest. Wherever she plays, her sets will definately take you to hights very few djs can achieve, and always delivering very solid and powerful sets. She has attracted the attention of many top Clubs and promoters alike. Already only aged 13, she has gained a lot of respect in the clubbing scene in her area and has started to make a name for herself internationally too. She has participated in quite a number of major events both Locally and abroad, has had 2 residencies in Spain and currently just finished a 3rd residency where she became a crowd favorite during winter 2011 and secured some important gigs for the rest of 2011 in some major clubs both locally and in Spain. She has also done support sets for quite a number of world class Djs that have been brought into the local scene by her promoters or other promoters who have taken her on for their events.

She is also now known very well for producing and promoting her very own event called "HEAT" which has become now a top event and a crowd favorite every Friday brining in some of the best djs and live performers on the international market, where she is also the resident Dj of the event

Aged only 13 her latest project has been as founder of a new record label GBZ Records where she intends to publish some of her tunes and experimental stuff and hopefully that of other artists productions as well. She is also A&R at Lad Records and Peanut Musik.

2011 proved to be a very successful year for her with a very busy schedule for her both locally and in some of Europes top clubs and events. She has also been very busy working on her production side, not only on her own tunes but on remixing for others. 2012 Has now now taken her to new places and already she has secured some top gigs which include KaZantip(Portugal), Plato (Spain), Ushuaia (Ibiza) , WMC (Miami USA) to name a few, apart from her local gigs at her own event HEAT and some of the other events she has already secured in southern Spain for the comming summer 2012. This year will also see more of her Tunes and remixes released. So where from here......the sky is the limit!

Releases so far-

Marcel Ei Gio - Francesca (Dj Stacey Interpretation remix) (Lad records)

Dj Stacey - Extatic Trip (Lad Records)

Joan Garcia - In My Heart (Stacey Ellul Remix) (Peanut Musik)

BalexF - Headphones (Dj Stacey Remix Exclusive) (Lad Records)


Upcoming Releases:-

Stacey Ellul - World Of Darkness EP (Lad Records) (Release Date 5 September 2012)
with remix by Marcel Ei Gio

Stacey Ellul - El Levante (Lad Records)(Release Date TBC)
With remixes By
Allan Ramorae
Andy Spinelli
Chloe Fontaine
Sniq (Special Dubstep remix)

Stacey Ellul - The Incompetents EP (GBZ Records) (Release date TBC)




Managing Director & Dj/Producer HEAT Artists Agency (GIB) and GBZ RECORDS

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