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Breaks Tech House House Electronica / Downtempo +2

Scot Gray discovered music at a very early age. Growing up in the 70's he found his love for all things funk, punk, and disco. As early as 10, he was at the record stores buying vinyl imports and 12" singles. In 1982 he began spinning records at the early age of 14 for friends who were all into the fine art of break dancing!

Funk + Hip Hop + New Wave - These sounds would become the soundtrack to his days. COMPUTER AGE - NUMBERS - JAM ON IT - COMPUTER POWER - BLUE MONDAY - Some of the tracks that would define his sound even now! Then came Industrial - Acid House, Hoover Synths & Techno, Rave anthems, Breakbeat a'la Moving Shadow & Suburban Base, Progressive House, Big Beat, Acid Breaks, 2 Step, Funky Breaks, Funky House, Tech House, Nu Skool Breaks, Techfunk. All styles and genres that continue to be Wound into one Sound.

Now 30 years later and still spinning to this day, after countless shows, a list of residencies that would define clublife in the ATX (Austin Tx), Scot shows no sign of pushing stop...

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