Key Commands

Sander Verlaan

Tech House Techno House Electronica / Downtempo +2

Hailing from The Hague in The Netherlands, Sander Verlaan had an unlikely blend of musical favorites. New-wave, synth-pop, and metal introduce him to industrial and EBM in the late '80s. Like many others in the Rotterdam/The Hague scene in the early '90s, he was swept up in the heavier techno/house sounds from Detroit and Chicago, along with a lot of acid and electro. This musical background has resulted in captivating and innovative DJ sets filled with techno and house music with an industrial and minimalist approach.

A dual resident of The Netherlands and the United States, Sander shares his Dutch indie roots in a set with throbbing bass, straight forward track-based mixing, and epic builds attuned to the natural progression on a dance floor.

Sander's original music hints at his early musical interests with its minimalistic grooves and electro influences. As a composer and producer he remains rooted in classic techno and house structures, but not afraid to explore its boundaries.

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