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DJ Ruben R

Lisbon, Portugal House Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House +1

Ruben Rodrigues aka "DJ Ruben R" has 18 years old and is a Portuguese DJ/Producer. He has graduated in one of the best academies in Portugal. Dancefloor DJ Academy (DJ). Althought, "Ruben" is an autodidact. He learned, and keep constantly learning everything about Production by himself. He has a lot of love for good House music, especially music that makes people come together, and then, make a better world. For him, music defines a person. "House music is a unity that brings all nationalities together under one love.
It's a musical movement that moves the hearts of the people who has one love and one thing. It's a spiritual awakening of the life. The spirit of HOUSE!"
For him, music lets people feel some emotions that perhaps they have never felt before. They can turn into the feelings. And when this happens that person decides to devote his life to give others the same emotion as he had tested once. This allows the music to develop and to divide at unimaginable number of genres. Each individual finds for himself the one which sounds his soul, dreams and hopes. And that's it! DJ Ruben R's tends to awaken in human feelings, about which he probably had no idea. House is the main musical direction of "Ruben". Although, he has no defined boundaries, so the styles range from House to Progressive House. The aim is to create music in which everyone can find something for themselves and initiation of qualitative sound. For DJ Ruben R's, music it's not just music. It's a state of mind.

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