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Dj Rip

Chicago, IL, USA Tech House Techno House Electro House

A Hard House and Techno Pioneer, on both the production end, as well as the performance end and the 1999 UC Music Producer of the Year, with releases such as House Blend 5, 4x Harder Vol. 3, Hard Wired CD!! Dj Rip, a thriving young DJ and producer, has made a successful impact on the House, Electro and Hard House scene!

A native born Chicagoan, Xavier Jacome aka Dj Rip came up in the club and break dancing scene in the late 80's. He purchased his first pair of turntables when he was twelve and naturally to him, all this talent came from the heart! From this, he has been mixing at big events and through out the world ever since. Since joining the UC family in 1998, you can find Rip spinning at huge events like the Arena in Hollywood and at the notorious raves such as, Mayday (Germany), CyberKid (LA), Groove Attack (NYC), Lift (Tokyo), Thunder Rave (Italy) and finishing out in Toronto.

A local favorite amongst his peers, radio shows hosting hard house spots would highlight him as a headliner. Rip appeared as a regular on 96.3 WBBM (Street Flavor - CHICAGO), 88.1 WCRX, and Cyber Radio reaching over 2,000,000 listeners.

While spending time spinning and producing, Rip has had the opportunity to take his listeners on a new house journey setting trends for up and coming deejays. His UC compilation House Blend 5 CD, Chicago vs. LA, "Take the Tasters Choice Challenge", left a great impression on everyone in the industry. His debut of this compulation ranked the 3rd highest selling CD of Stricyly Hype Recordings history!! Other projects have followed up since then, like the "World Domination" CD and The Hard Wired tour which showed Rip's impressive blending techniques and gave him a chance to work with the talented Delta 9, Angel Alanis, Frankie Bones, and many more. His filtering effects and editing techniques made the compilation a story in itself, catapulting his career into super-stardom!

Many deejays have had trouble making the transition from DJ to producer, but not him! His credits include working with talents such as Dj Trajic, Angel Alanis, Spero, Dj Josh Collins, Dj Bam Bam and Alex Peace. It was in 1997 that Rip joined forces with Angel Alanis and began his hard house engineering at LBPz Studios which was then "The Power Plant". Together, these two brought the Midwest and West Coast a new flavor for their ears. Amongst Dj Rip's E.P. releases, Budda Remix (B2K) and the "Coast to Coast Semi-Trailer Remix" on Dino Latino's "Mi Mundo", shows that he has taken house to a new and higher level. Dj Rip was awarded UC MUSIC's 1999 Producer of The Year!

Xavier Jacome aka Dj Rip has worked on projects featuring Donna Blakely, Tito Puente Jr, Beastie Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and has brought great credit to his discography buy introducing his "7 Days " Craig David Remix!! He has also ventured out releasing the nations top selling dance labels in 2007! As, the head of BEEM MUSIC (Progressive), MUNCHIE RECORDINGS (Electro) and now MUNDO MUSIC (HOUSE), he finally feels that he has the freedom to provide a gift to the world that is MUSIC! "I feel blessed to do what I do right now. You know when you hear a song and the hairs on your body rise up and you want to listen to it over and over again and only you know the feeling? Well, that's my gift to you" With having all this experience under his belt, Dj Rip purchased and took over Chicago's - Direct Drive Digital record label in 2009 and has turned it around to become one of the hottest electronic label to release the worlds upcoming young producers music and give them a chance that the major's won't!!

While keeping busy with his work, Rip has submitted remixes for the likes of Madonna, Brittanay Sprears, The Back Street Boys, 3LW, Willa Ford, and other huge artists that have heard and approved of his house-producing techniques. He's getting the world's recognition and attention due to the quality of their releases! Make sure to keep looking for the projects that these major labels are about to drop on the world!

Overall, this young man is living the house music life and offering a new wave of music to the world! Rip is a talented dj/producer that keeps pushing the underground dance movement scene. Always ready for more, Dj Rip is definitely the future of the House, Electro, and Techno scene!!

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