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Dj Paulo F

Oporto, Portugal Deep House House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +1

Paul F from a very early age he discovered his passion for music.
Started in 1996 to play at private parties, bars and academic parties to make themselves known. In 1999 made ' Play ' in his career as a Dj.
During these years he participated in various Line Up! s, In/Outdoor events, working in various areas of the country, sharing the booth with some of the best national and international djs.
Its ease to communicate with all kinds of public, allows you to vary your musical line, within the various strands of house and electronica.
Dj Paulo F is increasingly a name synonymous with quality and good atmosphere. The friendliness and creativity with which selects and expresses his music derived its musical culture provides fairly comprehensive Set! s magical, full of joy, energy and fun.
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Dj Paulo F

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