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Orlando, FL, USA Electro House Progressive House House +9

Italian/African-American born Maximilian Vincent Brown (Max/Massimo) in Chicago, IL, raised in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Europe (Italy and England) has been surrounded by all types of music and music experiences all of his still young life. Being an only child at an early age of 5, raised within his mother’s diverse music genres, the music that would play at home and on the radio would be anything from Depeche Mode to ATB or other famous European artists such as Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero. It was at this time that the love of music was discovered – thus began the journey of a child's love for music to a current young man's passion of good music and of sharing this great passion of music to others, whether it be through word of mouth/beatboxing or through DJ-ing. Being more indulged into the more Euro style of music, most of the songs in Nusense’s "case" are of the House, Trance, and other EDM (electronic dance music) genres, but isn't prejudiced to other genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop/Top 4, or Rock. From elementary to high school, music is what kept the world making sense for DJ NuSense, and in the early stages of middle school is when fruity loops was introduced by his father: thus began a whirling adventure of pure music freedom. Into high school, DJ-ing became more and more the norm, and after running into an upcoming studio engineer and producer, reason was brought to light and changed the dynamic in the ability of purely Making Music. Continuous travels overseas to Italy and England made it possible for DJ NuSense to learn more about the Euro club scene, including being given the opportunity to DJ while still a teenager (stating that you are American had its perks). After graduating from High School, DJ-ing became a doorway to getting through the first year of Old Dominion University, honing the skills of beat matching at local hangouts or in dorm parties. Life then took control after the first year of university with marrying a beautiful wife and having two beautiful kids. The passion of music and DJ-ing, however, remained and has always been encouraged. After working for a couple of years, Traktor S4 became the new tool to continue the ability to share great music to people all over the world. Currently living in Orlando, FL, DJ Nusense is now steadily applying himself to create a new network of friends and fans that enjoy his music. He has already made a great first impression locally when given the opportunity to guest DJ alongside resident DJ Johnny Angel at Pint Gastropub. DJ Johnny Angel further inspired this young sprouting DJ, and alongside Johnny Angel and another who shall not be named (refraining from exploiting a well known individual) he has been introduced to VIP style nightlife (Roxy, Vintage, etc) -- the gratitude is immense. By continuing to spread a very engaging persona to Orlando clubbing personalities, friendships were formed, including with one of Orlando's top DJs: DJ Freefall, who continues to give NuSense tips and pointers into how to push himself more and more, and to eventually make a name for himself. DJ NuSense has a quirky, spunky, and outgoing (somewhat a "nu"isance) presence in a crowd that will be remembered. It has now become DJ NuSense’s goal to become a DJ to the masses with a "new" sense of playing music that they'd hate to love, and bringing the best tracks to the scene while, at the same time, introducing his own remixes of top radio favorites! Coming up and out of the masses of DJs also trying to make a name for themselves, DJ NuSense will be the definition of what perseverance and drive to succeed and having the ability overcome all obstacles and competition truly means. For booking- email; - instagram/twitter; @DJNuSense - cell; 7038957265

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