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Electro House Electronica / Downtempo House Progressive House

Nfamous a.k.a Matthew Roodt is a 17 year old Electro\Dutch House DJ & Producer based in the southern hemisphere of Africa. He has accomplished so much in his career at this point in time he is aiming to get a live set on 5FM South Africa's biggest music radio station. Matthew Started DJ'ing in the year 2011 when he was only able to use Virtual DJ a mouse and keyboard now the year is 2013 and he is getting DJ line ups with some of South Africa's best DJ's and Producers. For a bedroom DJ to accomplish what Matthew did is exponential in words that cannot be described, but he will not give up anytime soon for it is his passion to DJ alongside Hardwell.

Nfamous has been growing in his production from his tracks sounding like a Super Mario Bro's special to a somewhat professional level. He is taking all the help and training he can take to grow further and further in his career. Just for some talent to be unrecognized and can one day make a difference, he listens to a new Hardwell ON AIR every time there is another one out and also other famous DJ's radio shows he just listen to gain that extra inspiration.

Matthew is set with a dream and he will accomplish come havoc but as long those battle scars have a meaning and a purpose of being there. Nfamous has played on equipment such as CDJ's 2000's and 900's and a variety of controllers, a sucker for modern technology he can't stay away from CDJ's.

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