Key Commands

DJ MK-Ultra

Minimal / Deep Tech Breaks Techno Glitch Hop +4

MK Ultra is regarded as one of San Diego’s original pioneers of the Drum and Bass scene and a representative of the world famous Bulletproof Sessions established in 1996. 16 years of international dedication to the worldwide underground as a DJ has lead to a very explosive career. Now pushing Drum and Bass as well as a few new weapons from the quiver Dubstep, Glitch, Mid Tempo and even Moombah, MK Ultra is pushing the limits all over again. From Los Angeles to Japan, Philly to Puerto Rico, Miami to France, MK Ultra can be found across the map pushing the filthiest and most innovative sounds of glitched out bass alongside some of the worlds finest producers and DJ’s. Current affiliations include Lotus Project, Special Technique, Drumz Clothing and Bulletproof Sessions. Now a Co-Host and Rep for West Coast Pressure Radio (broadcast live 5-7pm PT every Wednesday on he continues to educate as well as astonish human kind on air and on the streets. Easily found alongside Rebellion and ShawnLiu streaming or live and direct representing Special Technique find out why MK Ultra is a San Diego favorite and a bulletproof DJ.

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