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DJ Mike ReToSna

Keratea 190 01, Greece Progressive House Big Room Electro House +1

DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. born in 1986 and grew up in Keratea (Attiki – Greece). His first contact with music & mixing was in the age of 13 and 5 years later he started his career as a DJ. After all these years he decides to concentrate on music that represents him, HOUSE! Clearly influenced by electro & progressive house he started creating his first productions & remixes. In December of 2012 he signed his first contracts as a producer and since then he released 15 tracks, in cooperation with various records labels such as Amathus Music, Royal Ravers (Housepital), 516 Music, Insider Records, Dance More Records, TSL Records & ION Energie Recordings.

DMR Releases:
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Freak [Amathus Music] [1/9/2017]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Thru My Veins [Amathus Music] [2/9/2016]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Griffin [Royal Ravers / Housepital Records] [8/8/2016]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. feat. Nickole - White Horse [516 Music] [15/4/2016]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Loco feat. Christin L. [Amathus Music] [7/8/2015]
- Josh Harris ft. Sarah Bollinger - Look Into My Eyes (DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. Official Remix) [Amathus Music] [20/1/2015]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Climax ft. Christin L. [Amathus Music] [4/11/2014]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Ambrosia [Insider Records] [25/2/2014]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - I Wanna Feel You ft. Christin L. [Dance More Records] [25/7/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Respect The People ft. Christin L. [Dance More Records] [25/7/2013]
- Dim Loud ft. Onana, Bonnie & The Prince - In You (DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. Remix) (TSL Records) [10/5/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Khamsin (Dance More Records) [27/4/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - I Rule This Place (Dance More Records) [15/3/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Doomsday (ION Energie Recordings) [28/2/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Last Of Mohicans 2013 (Dance More Records) [27/2/2013]
- DJ Mike Re.To.Sna. - Mithril (ION Energie Recordings) [1/12/12]

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