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Chiranjeevi H Gowda (Jaleo)

Bangalore, Karnataka, India Techno Tech House House Deep House

A part of the new breed of emerging DJs, DJ Jaleo is gaining fair exposure in the circuit among his peers. With a strong motivation, he got into this 3 years ago blinded by his love for electronic music. After having performed and opening for recognizable DJs in the city, There's a lot new he is learning everyday further sharpening his skills technically and musically.

DJ Jaleo has opened sets for the likes of Arjun Vagle (Jalabee Cartel) , Kay Mikado, Dj Ivan and Many More

DJ Jaleo believes that acquiring technical skills and polishing them is an ever evolving process but more importantly evolving with the music that is setting trends in the industry is more important and of top priority regardless of the genre. Although his choice of style is Tech/Euro/Prog Trance, he has taken a deep liking for Techno/Tech House, Adding in a fair balance of the mainstream charts and commercial music, you can expect a variety in his sets.

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