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Ed Hennessey

Northumberland, PA, USA Progressive House Electro House House +8

Language: English

Ed (DJ) Hennessey was born in Pennsylvania, USA. Music has always been a part of his life since childhood.

His passion and appreciation for music lead Ed into the world of Djing. Ed started Djing in the 1980's performing in local clubs. He introduced new and diverse music to his crowd by traveling hours to the city for the newest music.

Life took a turn for Ed in the early 90's and he had no choice but to put music on hold. But after returning to music he decided it was all or nothing. Ed purchased the equipment and software needed to take his music to another level and hasn't looked back.

Ed has been producing for 3 years and his latest productions have received a very good response. Currently, he is building a studio from the ground up so his music can evolve even higher.

His DJ mixes have been loved and respected internationally by making his sets available on Soundcloud, The DJ List, Beatport and more. He has had Top Mixes on Beatport and a #1 remix on

Self-taught, Ed Hennessey has always followed his heart towards his goals to create genuine, impassioned music. Throughout the years of practicing and exploration, he is refining his mixing, production, sound engineering and sound mastering techniques to this day.

His goals are simple. Make music from the heart to please his ears. If someone else likes what he's done, then that's a plus.

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