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DJ Gant-Man

Hip-Hop / R&B Electro House Deep House Tech House +2

Gant Garrard (pronounced Jerrod) aka Gant-Man was introduced to mixing in the mid 80's by his older brother and learned how to count beats and blend records at the young age of 5. At the age of 9 he was ready to share his talent with the world and landed a mixshow on a college radio station in Chicago (WKKC 89.3 FM) where he mixed from 1989 through 1997.

At age 14, his first residency was at a roller rink "The Rink Fitness Factory" from 1994 to 1996 where he exposed his Ghetto House/Juke tracks to a large south side audience which helped shape the Ghetto House/Juke sound.

Gant was the protege of Chicago House legend Paul Johnson learning the ropes about producing house music and at age 15 in 1995, Gant produced his first EP for Dance Mania record label titled "Its About Time" which spawned the Chicago underground smash "3 Blind Mice" which was built around the theme music from "The Three Stooges" television show. He became known in Chicago as the "Youngest Professional DJ" and is attributed to being one of the main key innovators of Ghetto House/Juke. Right after many more EP's and mix tapes followed.

In 1998 Gant alongside DJ Puncho coined the word "Juke" by saying it on Ghetto House tracks and mixtapes which made everybody who listened to this start calling this sound Juke music.

At age 18 he began to travel, playing both the rave and club circuits in Chicago, the U.S. as well as in Europe. In 1998-99 Gant toured with Paul Johnson playing in France, Belgium and Switzerland, that prepared him for his summer 2000 residency in Ibiza at El Divino alongside Paul.

Gant started doing assistant production with grammy award winning remixer Maurice Joshua on R&B group Destiny Child remixes which landed him his breakthrough remix in 2005 making Gant the first Juke producer to have a Juke remix on a major label with a major artist with his official remix of Beyonce's "Check On It" feat. Slim Thug on Sony/Columbia Records. The Juke remix era was now official with hundreds of Juke remixes of Hip hop and r&b artists, underground and major.

2006 was Gant's smash remix of Chicago House/Techno legend Cajmere aka Green Velvet's "Shake & Pop" single which sold the most downloads on the EP. Cajmere continues to hire Gant for his high energy juke sound.

Since then Gant teamed up with the Fool's Gold/Downtown family releasing the club smash "Juke Dat Girl" single and remixing Kid Sister singles, "Damn Girl" and "Pro Nails" feat. Kanye West. Producing her next single "Switchboard" featuring Gant rapping on the 2nd verse.

2008, Gant launched his record label Bang Tha Box Recordingz specializing in the best Juke/Footwork House tracks in the Juke industry. Doesn't look like Gant will stop jukin' any time soon! From "jack" to "juke" Gant is house music!!!

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