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Dj FOMS (Pilsen Ent)

Chicago, IL, USA House Hip-Hop / R&B Deep House Dubstep +7

Started off knowing nothing about the Dj life yet i had mad love for music! as i started getting into the Dj style at age 12 i made short mixes on my old PC and uploaded them to my soundcloud to show my progress on my mixing and blending. cant say i was the best or even good cause i honestly sucked lol remembering the negativity from others as i spoke of how in a few years they'll see me on event flyers all over chicago they never took me serious or believed in me but now im on a new level mixing live at house parties and hall parties in chicago around the south,west,north,and east side! started working on my own moving in to working with a group known as Night-Life Ent in chi then moving up to a group known as Pilsen Underground Ent mixing and throwing some of the most insane house,hall,and backyard parties! ive worked with many Djs around Pilsen and all around Chicago! To the people that never believed in me and always put me down when i was chasing my dream say Hi when you see me Djing at a event near you! peace out! Genres of music i mix are House/Ghetto House/Classics/Freestyle/Juke/Footwork/Moombahton/Bmore/Jersey Club/Regge/Bachata/Tribal/Any Latin Music/Trap/HipHop/And More...By the way i do Produce Music but i just started December of 2013! Stay Tune!

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