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"Filthy Rich" Criso (born October 26, 1972) is an American house and UK garage Producer and DJ who resides in New Jersey. Filthy Rich bought his first set of turntables and started spinnin' as a basement DJ at the early age of 14. Driven by his need to express music and song ideas, he invested money in studio gear at 17 and began developing house tracks.

A few years later after hooking up with George Calle and Joseph Ventola of i! Records, Filthy Rich released his first house track "Get It Together" (First Avenue Project EP) on i!Records alongside long-time friend Todd Edwards. Filthy Rich Criso is part of the music group Somore (w/ Damon Trueitt and Wayne Gardiner). Their song "I Refuse (What You Want)" received massive reception in the UK, along with Filthy Rich's 'Believe Dub' released on i! Records. The song was also licensed to Locked On and XL Recordings.

From the mid-1990s to late-1990s, Filthy Rich continued to contribute to the UK garage scene with many productions and remixes on labels including i! Records, Hip Bone Records, XL Recordings, Ultra Records, Unda Vybe Records, Locked On, and Kult Records. Filthy Rich has co-produced and co-written songs with Damon Truett on "I Refuse (What You Want)" and MoreSo's "Take My Hand", as well as "Stormy Day" with Grammy Award-winner Todd Edwards. Filthy Rich has also worked with Karl 'tuff enuff' Brown (as Fifth Gear), as well as Vicki Bell, Ray Grappone, and Alexis P. Suter of Hipbone Records. Filthy Rich has produced and remixed many of Hip Bone Records' releases since the late 90's including "Deal With It" by Grammy-nominated contemporary jazz group Groove Collective.

In 2003, Filthy Rich's songs Automated People, Are You In, and Love Life (co-producer) appeared on the Emmy Award-winning TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Since 2012, Filthy Rich has been uploading to SoundCloud (under his alias "Original Filthy Rich") 1-2 minute 'Sketches', or rough ideas, that he creates using NI's iMaschine and iMaschine2 apps on iPhone. Some other mobile studio gear used by Filthy Rich includes Apple's iPad Air, Korg's Gadget, Wave Machine Lab's Auria Pro, and Positive Grid's Final Touch.

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