Key Commands

Dj Edell


Edell, aka Eduard Reifman, was born in Ukraine in 1981. At the age of 9 years he moved to live to Israel where there was its acquaintance to electronic music. Since 1995 it started to get involved of Psychedelic (GOA) Trance, Techno and Hardcore music. Career of DJ and the promoter began in 1998, on private parties where there were first experiments in different styles of electronic music. Soon Edi already invited to play the most actual night clubs of Israel. In 2006 Edell starts to work with Metatron Production where lets out the first compilations: NEED FOR SPEED 2 and URBAN FREAKS (together with Dj Panayota). With 2009 cooperates with MAGMA Records. In 2010 releasing 3rd compilation with Digital Tribe on PSYCORE Records under the name POWER OF MIND. Today Edell lives in Moscow, is engaged in booking of artists and is the resident of promo group DIAMOND PEOPLE. Edi takes part in many, both commercial, and an underground parties in Russia and abroad.

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