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Jersey City, NJ, USA Funk / Soul / Disco Hip-Hop / R&B Progressive House

Coming all the way from Jersey City, NJ is the international multi-talented disc jockey / rapper / producer DJ DX. The New Jersey native is one of the first DJs to ever be featured on Comcast Cable, Channel 51 each and every week throughout the state of New Jersey, servicing up to 2.5 million residents.

DJ DX is the first African American DJ to ever remix, and blend reggaeton music without having any latin roots in his background. The rare talent that DJ DX possess, surprises a lot of people because he can also rap in Spanish, which plays a significant role in his popularity. Currently, DJ DX is ranked amongst the top blend mix-tape DJs in the world. If you google his catalogs, you will discover that he has over 100 million Google, Yahoo, and Bing results, tons of classic and up to date blend mix tapes online.

However, Two years ago, DJ DX decided to get serious about rapping also. Not only has he mastered the art in a relatively short period of time, he has already created an international fan base by collaborating with such artists as Pretty Lights, Clint C, Stuff Bro , 1Dakid , Nicki Minaj , Elisabeth Muse, Elisey Maslov, and has drawn comparisons to Nas and Rakim due to his real-life lyrical content that is portrayed in his music.

DJ DX will soon be releasing an EP and mix tape, as well as performing in the Voters tour and Urock tour that is sponsored by Frankie Munoz and Robert Curry of Day 26 respectively. Spring 2012 , DJ DX will be also featured on CypherCiti’s The Underground mix tape that is scheduled to be released in May 2012.

DJ DX comes from a long line of relatives who have made their mark in music history, the late great musician Louis Armstrong, multi-platinum songwriter / singer Mary Brown, Ike Lee, and Chill Divine. It’s no surprise that DJ DX is destined for greatness -

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