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Louisiana, USA Drum & Bass Glitch Hop Hip-Hop / R&B +2

DRAGOSTE is Thomas C, a Drum&Bass DJ turned EDM producer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Specializing in bass driven sound ranging from progressive house, UK bass, and dubstep to more eclectic and experimental parameters such as indie synth, darkcore, ragga, and his own twist on New Orleans "Bounce", he is definately versatile in todays ever changing scene. Featured on dozens of compilation albums, mixtapes and pod-casts in both the U.S. and the U.K. he still chooses to give the people FREE DOWNLOADS on every track or song he has either produced from scratch, remixed, or was featured on, without giving in to the corporate mass-consumer targeted / we own your music / record label industry.
"Get that lil daddy, she bouncin it just for you..." -XOXOX

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