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Leigh J Apted aka DJ Discovery

Caerphilly, UK Progressive House Chill Out Electronica / Downtempo +1

In 2005 Leigh began Trance Euphoria Radio and introduced the world to a radio station which energized the airwaves with the worlds best euphoric,uplifting trance music.Broadcasting via Shutdown-January 2016)
Over the years the popularity has run into the thousands of monthly listeners.
Last year DJ Discovery experimented by taking the radio station to another server however after 6 months felt that the station wasn't reaching the maximum potential and just before Christmas 2014 returned to The Worlds Largest Internet Radio Network and as 2015 is kicking into high gear....DJ Discovery returned just as the station was just about to celebrate 10 years of 24/7 euphoric broadcasting....however the changes for 2015 were just beginning enter Belgium based alot of exhaustive research DJ Discovery decided to move Trance Euphoria International Radio permanently to a new home. ....Exciting opportunities lie ahead for the 10th Anniversary of the radio station.
All the trance mixes heard are on the radio station can be officially bought from the 'My Mixes' right here on and as the 10th anniversary continues through the year expect to see Brand New and Archive Mixes which were only available via the ONLY available right here for you to own.
Lets make the 10th Anniversary of Trance Euphoria last all year long!!!

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