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Leigh J Apted aka DJ Discovery

Caerphilly, UK Electronica Progressive House Chill Out +1

Since 2005 Leigh has been providing the world with the most uplifting energetic trance on 'Trance Euphoria Radio'.Leigh is the Owner,Broadcaster & Producer of hundreds of specifically crafted mixes.With Specialist themed mixes,Legends Of Trance & L.C.T Series mixes.Every Thursday between 18:00-20:00 GMT there is a 2 Hour 'Live Broadcast' incorporating The Official Weekly Listeners Chart Top 40 & a main show which is truly interactive.Listeners can contact the Trance Euphoria Team manning the Official Website Chat-room & Talk to the DJ during the 'Live Broadcast!'.Now in it's 8th successful year Trance Euphoria 2013 continues to enjoy success through 'The World's Largest Internet Radio Network'.Leigh continues to cross reference the radio station rotation of trance mixes with his popular podcast 'Trance Euphoria Worldwide' on Podomatic & iTunes,with a rank consistently in the Top 10 in the 'Trance' genre.Since podcast inception in 2006 there has been over 1 Million Downloads Worldwide.Between January-End Of June 2013 there had been just under a quarter of a million downloads!In 2012 Trance Euphoria has been given the opportunity to go into the iTunes Radio Directory,so now as well as the podcast being within the Worldwide Popular iTunes,now Leigh j Apted's Trance Euphoria 2013 Radio Station can now be found there as well.24/7 Euphoric Trance has never sounded so good & with The continued Syndication of Steve Helstrip's Thrillseekers NightMusic Radio Show every Wednesday 19:00 GMT & with an audience of between 35-40,000 Monthly Listeners from over 140 Countries the radio station continues to go from strength to strength.

Trance Euphoria 2013
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Trance Euphoria Worldwide Podcast
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Trance Euphoria 2013 Enjoy The Ride Never Get Off!!!

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