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Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil Dubstep Electro House Electronica / Downtempo DJ Tools +1

Born in Pouso Alegre, Brazil, and since childhood demonstrates his passion for electronic music. Initiated projects as a DJ at the end of 2011, at age 17. His 1st original mix was released in June 2012, the year he began college in Campinas, SP.

So far eight songs were released on their official channel on SoundCloud, accumulating over 2,3 thousand plays! Known to have updated repertoire and with the biggest worldwide hits of the moment! DJ's in the area of ​​electronic music, dance, dubstep, house and electropop.

At 19 years, starting in 2013 with its largest production (the remix of "Scream And Shout", with more than a thousand plays in 20 days), has accumulated on your channel about 2,3 thousand plays and 230 downloads.

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