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DJ Darkzoa (AKA DJ Bass3nergy)

Kowloon, Hong Kong Electro House Glitch Hop Dubstep Hardcore / Hard Techno +2

DJ Darkzoa is a 16 year old DJ that mixes different types of Electro Dance Music, from loud pumpin' Electro House to energetic bass filled Dubstep and Moombahcore, his mixes are definitely set to get the crowd jumping.

Darkzoa first started out with music editing for videos in 2008, being interested in how music would greatly impact a video's vibe, at the same time also showing interest in music production. However it wasn't till' 2009 when Darkzoa began to experiment with DJing as well as mixing records together. Being influenced by some of the best DJs in the EDM scene, Bassjackers, The Bloody Beetroots, Cold Blank and DSKOTEK, Darkzoa stepped into the DJing scene in 2010.

DJ Darkzoa certainly has a rather unique DJ style, keeping his mixes tight but simple transitions. ''What's the use of making complicated transitions when a simple one works just as well? It gives me more space to do sampling and effects on the fly too.'' - Darkzoa. Being born in Malaysia and currently living in Hong Kong, he is sure to amaze the energy-craving crowd he plays for.

Introducing his energy filled sets, Darkzoa has also been able to receive several gigs around Hong Kong. Being able to share his recent gig with DJ Surge, he is definitely stepping out to the nightlife scene. Currently working on his second mixtape ''Late Night Bootycalls'', along with high energetic mixes and podcasts, he will be sure to get your body grooving.

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