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Dubstep Drum & Bass Techno +3

Djctx hails from the capital city Edinburgh,
A dj since a teen in the 90s!!! went on to produce music after watching a friend of a friend playing about on cubase, from there djctx went on to getting what gear he could and started to produce, He came onto the pro circuit 2 years ago after pushing hard with what lil gear he had and still has to this day, he was noticed by a site called wherepeople on the site were amazed at what djctx told them he was making music with, classed as maybe one of the best at working with samples/stems/parts he can produce a creation from next to nothing although mastering technique are still in the the young stages for djctx, he is driving his passion to master at the highest level using only the simple gear he has, He now works with reason,fls, very old sampletude program, array of vsts including native instruments and other good plugins along with resampling techniques like no other!!! watch out for djctx for 2012 as this man can pull off a huge set using just a mouse in one hand and keyboard in the other!!!! so when he gets on the dj controllers step back and hold on!!!!! Djctx hope u enjoy the lists he will create for your listening pleasure!!!!

thx for reading!!!!

LINKS: this is his friend page!!!!/djctx1

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